My 2ww Pledge

I Katie, pledge not to take a home pregnancy test before the 2ww week wait is up.  Sounds funny right?!  So many woman undergoing IVF take multiple pregnancy tests before getting the actual beta numbers. I am guilty myself during my previous rounds.

Why I am choosing not to take a pregnancy test this round:

  • If it's negotive I will just tell myself it implanted late. 
  • Why try to gain control over something I have absolutely no control over  
  • It's not going anywhere. 
  • Good things come to thoughs who wait. 
  • I have self control
  • Waist of money. 
  • It will just make me obsess about it. 
  • It could make me stress.  Stress is not good 
  • I did it both my previous rounds and got positives.  The second in particular was a chemical.  Low beta but still tested positive.    
I have learned a lot from IVF but real patience is the best thing!

My test from round 1


  1. Good luck!! I'm pretty bad at POAS during the 2WW and you're right, it's all of those things and it's nothing I can control and I try to anyway! I admire your resolve!

  2. Good luck! I only waited a day or 2 before I started testing. I always felt it was best to find out on my own terms, but so any people wait and are glad they do. So hoping you get a positive!!

  3. Good for you! I've never been a POAS addict until our very last cycle and we got a BFP. But even though you're not POAS, i hope you get a positive too!

  4. My hubby asked me not to POAS during our TWW, and I hadn't decided whether or not I would. Your post just confirmed I definitely shouldn't! Thanks!

  5. Good luck! I have 0 patience. I wish I was able to wait. Fingers crossed.

  6. Sounds like a good call. I think it only causes stress to fixate on HPTs while waiting.


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