IVF Update: Trigger Shot

Finally Last Night I was told to take my trigger shot at 7pm
My Step daughter had her middle school swim banquet so..  you guessed it!  I found myself in a Rt 1 Ma Pizza Restaurants bathroom at 7 o'clock injecting myself the trigger shot.
I wasn't about to miss her banquet for a shot that takes 2 minutes.

This means I will be going in for retrieval at 6:30am tomorrow Thursday!

Bright and Early!  

Today I am feeling 
  • VERY very Bloated!  
  • Mildly Crampy
  • Headache
But overall Good!  I have energy and I am not tired so this is always great as I have hypothyroidism so at times it can get in the way.


  1. Good luck! Hope it goes well! I once had to do shots in the bathroom of MetLife Stadium at a Jets game... ya do what ya gotta do to still have a life! :)

  2. So excited! You're almost there. Hope you're feeling well.

  3. Good luck! Just think of the stories you can tell you future child(ren). I've done some shots in some crazy places!

  4. Best of luck on your retrieval. Come on eggies!!


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