IVF Update: Retrieval

I had my retrieval this morning.  I could not be happier.   They retrieved 9 eggs! This is the most they have been able to retrieve so far (this is my 3rd round).

I was scheduled the first appointment of the day at 7am.  As usual I was very tired when I got out of the procedure (they give local anesthesia).  I was happy that they did not have to wake me up this time.   I woke up on my own.

  • Bloated
  • Extremely Crampy 

They always offer a prescription of Vicodin or Percocet but the pain really is not that bad.  It is just like a bad period.  I did go home and sleep...  9:30am - 1:30pm Seriously!   This is not out of the norm for me - the drugs seem to kick my @ss.  

The Plan:
It all depends on how many eggs turn into viable embryos.  
  • 5 or more and I will put back one egg on day 5 (Tuesday) and hope to freeze any extra.  
  • Less than 5 I will be putting back two on day 3.  (Sunday)
I have never made it to a day five before but I have also never made this many eggs.  Either way and they will try to refreeze my husbands sperm vile.  


  1. Thinking lots of good thoughts for you!!! :)

  2. Great news that they got so many! Praying this works!

  3. So glad it went well!! Been thinking of you!

  4. 9 is a great number. Rest up! Looking forward to hearing how things progress.

  5. So happy to hear you got 9 eggs! That is amazing they got so many! Thinking good thoughts and wishing those eggs to grow strong!


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