IVF Pictures Round 3

Hi everyone!   I have thought long and hard if I would actually post pictures of myself while doing IVF and have gone back in forth.  In the end ..why not?  I remember the curiosity I had before starting and maybe it will help someone. 
I am choosing not to get into the type of meds or dose since really it varies from person to person how our bodies react. 

Round 3 Night 1 of injections

I took like 10 of these.  I think I was procrastinating...

My doctor doubled my medication this round so my dose is more than I am use to.  I remember the first night on my first round looking at all the meds on this very counter crying.  I feel proud to know how far Ive come :)

And there it is...
More to inject than usual for me but really wasn't bad at all

Only pic I got since camera was on timer

Tip:  If you have any refrigerated meds take them out a few hours prior to let them get to room temperature.  I have found when cold they sting a little and the injection spot will itch.  Room temperature and A-OK right after!  


  1. Good luck! Will be following your journey!

  2. You're a rock star!! I still can't watch while my husband injects me.

  3. I think it is great you are posting pictures while doing IVF. I look at them and thought for a second, I can't believe I did that three times. You are amazing! Wishing you all the best!


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