IVF Day 10 Injection Symptoms

As of yesterday I am suddenly feeling drastic symptoms so I thought I would share.

IVF Day 10 and 11 of Injections Symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • Major Cramping
  • Enlarged Breasts
  • Tender Nipples
  • Bloated
  • Very Thirsty
Weight Gain: 

  • None

  • None


  • None

Work Out:

  • Light Lifting
  • Yoga (not all moves)
  • Walking

I am currently on Day 11 of IVF injections.  I had an ultrasound yesterday morning and I was told that I have measurable follicles but they are measuring spaced apart.  I will either trigger for the 2 largest follicles tonight or wait one more day for the other 4 to grow risking to lose the two.  I will know their decision this afternoon.   I have decided to be grateful for growing any than wish I was growing more!  So YAY!

Pictures from last night (I was tired!)
 The usual
 Mixing it up!
 What my trash always looks like
 Ready or not...
 Me and Mickey! 
O.K. Keeping it lite :)

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