IVF again.. What I Will MissThe Most

With my IVF round approaching fast it is time I give up all those things I love so much.  It is hard and I almost feel it is a little unfair.  Ok.. I sound like a whiney baby saying it that way!  But not knowing if this round will even work is always in the back of my head as I resist to take that Hot bath sipping on wine!  Ah...  
I was going to treat myself to one last night enjoying some wine but I know myself all too well.  I may as well not even and just commit as I have for the past week.  

What I will miss the most...

Baths:  I just love to take long hot baths.  Nothing relaxes me more after a long day.  If I feel at all stressed this certainly does the trick.  
Sushi:  My step daughter and I have a weekly sushi night.  This will be hard to explain to her as we are not sharing any news unless it is 12 weeks along and healthy.  She does not need to worry.  
Wine:  I love my red wine.  Nothing better than cooking in the kitchen while sipping on a glass.  Snuggling on the couch with a fire roaring watching a movie.  
Coffee aka Caffeine:  The only caffeine I drink is coffee and tea but I do drink it every day.  I still get confused with how much I am allowed to have a day.  1 cup of coffee?  2-3 cups of tea?  I have decided I will be just cutting it out all together. Maybe 1 cup of tea a day.  

In the end I want the outcome bad enough that I am willing to quite and commit to anything.  


  1. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog :) Good luck on your upcoming IVF! I hope it goes as good as can be! Looking forward to following your journey.

  2. Can you eat fully cooked sushi? Like shrimp tempura rolls, etc... Best of luck to you!!

  3. When I'm cycling I miss those same things…pretty much in the same order. Good luck with your cycle!!!

  4. I hear ya, girlfriend - My husband and I have done 2 rounds of IVF our main problem is our age, I am 42 and we just got married a year ago. Life brought us together later in life and I had no idea that "you're getting older" really mattered when it comes to the quality of eggs. However, I respond well to the medication and each retrieval I had 36 and 38 follicles - which was extremely uncomfortable, but it's all part of the process. We are grateful to have 1 frozen embryo that is 3CB (again so weird to think of this frozen embryo as a #), so our Dr. would like us to do another round in hopes to get another one and/or a higher "rated" embryo. It is difficult to continue to remain hopeful and take one day at a time, not to mention we aren't really sharing this journey with anyone b/c of either too many questions or just the unknown of outcome. It is unfortunate b/c my insurance only covered 2 rounds (which we were grateful for) so now this round will be out of pocket - so this is our final round. We just don't have the finances to do it more. I didn't cut back on wine in the past, but this time I am going to eliminate all the things I love the most - Red wine, coffee, sushi and soft cheese. B/c in the end if it has a slight chance of making a difference I don't want to risk it. However, it is hard b/c we have no guarantees and on one hand you aren't supposed to stress and live your life as normal, but on the other you wonder "what if" any of the above really does affect the quality. I apologize if I over shared, but in this world of social media I'm not "liking" anything IVF related b/c someone everyone gets into your business. So I appreciate coming across your blog. Best to you, Michelle


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