Update: Day 6 of IVF Injections

So... I am feeling absolutely terrible today  ..as I should be!  :)
I am so bloated and crampy.  I had my second ultrasound and blood work this morning.  I have 1 egg growing faster than the others, as in none are measurable but this one egg.  2 Days ago it was measuring at 12 and I was hoping that others would catch up a little.  Today it is at 16 and still no followers.  From what I understand there is still a chance I could develop more in time for retrieval but still as of now I am not developing the number of eggs desired.  
I am making less! Funny since I am on double the dosage of meds.      

  • 1st round: 6 eggs 3 fertilized 2 made it 1 has good quality
  • I got pregnant! followed by 11 week lost heartbeat and DNC
  • 2nd round: 5 eggs 2 fertilized 2 transferred 1 great quality
  • Low beta slowly fades out
  • Take time off to mentally recover
  • Ready to go and insurance denies me
  • Diagnosed with hypothyroidism 
  • Now 3rd round and making 1 egg!  
I look forward to the call from the nurse today.  Although I am pretty sure they have to retrieve according to the largest egg so that it does not ovulate on its own I do want to confirm this.

Oh boy..  not what I was expecting.   This process sure is keeping me on my toes.

Update:  I spoke with the nurse and she told me not to worry about it (of course)
That I still have plenty of time and many follicles that can potentially catch up.  I will be going in Friday (2 days) for another ultrasound and we should know more then.  


  1. Thanks for finding me. Good luck with your retrieval - fingers crossed for good eggs!

  2. So frustrating I dont respond like I should either im 23 years old and hardly get enough eggs and then only end up with a few good ones hope you have some that will catch up good luck!!

  3. You're just a few days behind me. Fingers crossed and prayers said for you!


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