Celebrities that Do Not Drink Alcohol

Chasing a healthy lifestyle can be hard for many of us.  The ups and downs of yo yo dieting and failed attempts can be hard.  Concentrating on a lifestyle change is always a better choice.  How many times have we gone out with friends and enjoyed 1 too many drinks?  Maybe we only had one or two but did not consider the sugar and calorie intake of that Margarita or Mojito?

I have many reasons for not drinking these days.
-Trying to conceive a baby
-Getting over depression
-Watching my calories
-Keeping an eye on sugar intake
-I am more productive without it
-I have no guilt
-I feel better about myself
-Saves money!  $

Inspiration with Quitting Drinking Myself I have made a list of celebrities who have chosen an alcohol free life for themselves!  

Bradley Cooper
Jennifer Hudson
Blake Lively
Russel Brand
Christina Ricci
Matthew Perry
Kristin Davis
Jennifer Lopez
Ewan McGregor
Kim Cattrall
Collin Ferrel
Kelly Osbourne
Keith Urban
Jada Pinkett Smith
Gerard Butler
Tyra Banks
Tobey Mcguire
Rob Lowe
Eva Mendes
Kat Von D
Robert Downey Jr
Jack Osbourne
Tim McGraw
Ben Affleck
Kim Kardashian 
Kerry Washington
Jim Carey
George W Bush
Eric Clapton
Dane Cook
Tom Cruise
Alice Cooper
Eliza Dushku
Kathy Griffin
Ice T
Anthony Hopkins
Elton John
Samuel L Jackson
Bruce Lee
Marie Osmond
Al Pachino
Natalie Portman
Lana Del Ray
Sarah Silverman
Ringo Star
John Travolta
Donald Trump
Shania Twain
Malcom X
David Beckham
Leona Lewis
Ellie Goulding
Katie Perry
Naomi Campbell
50 Cent
Sharon Stone
Andre 3000    58 and counting....

Wow So many and I am sure there are many many more.   Inspiring
I will be sure to add as I discover them 

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  1. I have a weakness for an occasional glass of Shiraz.


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