Week 1 of the 2WW

So today I am officially 1/2 way through my 2 week wait!  Like my last post states I am determined not to take a pregnancy test during this time frame as it is never certain anyway.   I have been tempted to take my temperature for the first time today.  But I have again decided not to.  


I am on progesterone so I find this a little strange. My last 2 rounds I had so many symptoms.  It's still early..

My 2ww Pledge

I Katie, pledge not to take a home pregnancy test before the 2ww week wait is up.  Sounds funny right?!  So many woman undergoing IVF take multiple pregnancy tests before getting the actual beta numbers. I am guilty myself during my previous rounds.

Why I am choosing not to take a pregnancy test this round:

  • If it's negotive I will just tell myself it implanted late. 
  • Why try to gain control over something I have absolutely no control over  
  • It's not going anywhere. 
  • Good things come to thoughs who wait. 
  • I have self control
  • Waist of money. 
  • It will just make me obsess about it. 
  • It could make me stress.  Stress is not good 
  • I did it both my previous rounds and got positives.  The second in particular was a chemical.  Low beta but still tested positive.    
I have learned a lot from IVF but real patience is the best thing!

My test from round 1

UPDATE: Transfer Day

Thank you so much to everyone for your kind words and well wishes.
I had m transfer this morning! I brought my mom with me for luck (it is her Birthday!)

I was able to transfer 2 eggs.  They both made it
#1 is an eight cell perfect grade
#2 is a 4 cell good grade - this one did well the past 24 hours so they wanted to "give it a chance"

Here is the picture! The eight cell is on the right
The four cell is oval ..funny!  I was told it has to do with the camera that they where far apart depth wise.  I am so happy for the results! I told myself and my husband I would be happy with one egg that was 6 cells, this is better!

The waiting begins....

Update: Fertilization

Today my post is short I think I am just nervous.
I got the call yesterday that 2 of the 9 eggs they have retrieved have fertilized.

The Plan:

  • Three day transfer on Sunday 
  • Both embryos will be put back assuming that they both make it.  
  • If 5 or more had made it we would have done a day 5 one egg transfer

I am extremely nervous about the quality they will be, so I am trying to keep my mind off of it.  

IVF Update: Retrieval

I had my retrieval this morning.  I could not be happier.   They retrieved 9 eggs! This is the most they have been able to retrieve so far (this is my 3rd round).

I was scheduled the first appointment of the day at 7am.  As usual I was very tired when I got out of the procedure (they give local anesthesia).  I was happy that they did not have to wake me up this time.   I woke up on my own.

  • Bloated
  • Extremely Crampy 

They always offer a prescription of Vicodin or Percocet but the pain really is not that bad.  It is just like a bad period.  I did go home and sleep...  9:30am - 1:30pm Seriously!   This is not out of the norm for me - the drugs seem to kick my @ss.  

The Plan:
It all depends on how many eggs turn into viable embryos.  
  • 5 or more and I will put back one egg on day 5 (Tuesday) and hope to freeze any extra.  
  • Less than 5 I will be putting back two on day 3.  (Sunday)
I have never made it to a day five before but I have also never made this many eggs.  Either way and they will try to refreeze my husbands sperm vile.  

IVF Update: Trigger Shot

Finally Last Night I was told to take my trigger shot at 7pm
My Step daughter had her middle school swim banquet so..  you guessed it!  I found myself in a Rt 1 Ma Pizza Restaurants bathroom at 7 o'clock injecting myself the trigger shot.
I wasn't about to miss her banquet for a shot that takes 2 minutes.

This means I will be going in for retrieval at 6:30am tomorrow Thursday!

Bright and Early!  

Today I am feeling 
  • VERY very Bloated!  
  • Mildly Crampy
  • Headache
But overall Good!  I have energy and I am not tired so this is always great as I have hypothyroidism so at times it can get in the way.

My Ectopic Pregnancy Scar Reminder

Years ago I was unfortunate enough to experience an ecptopic pregnancy.   It was a tumultuous time in my life for sure.  In an emergency surgery the doctor decided my ruptured tube could not be saved.
They preformed a laparoscopy making 3 incisions in my abdomen.

  • One in my belly button
  • One on my right side at my ovary
  • Another 2 inch incision just below my bikini line.

The scar I notice most is on my right side.  It just didm't seem to heal correctly.

I will spare you the picture of below my bikini line. LOL
But I have a two inch scar in the middle

I think about that ectopic pregnancy often.  I will be honest tho,  seeing the scar is always what reminds me.  It happened 10 years ago.

It is my Reminder of:
Past Decisions
My Past Life
...and the chance that it could happen again!

IVF Day 10 Injection Symptoms

As of yesterday I am suddenly feeling drastic symptoms so I thought I would share.

IVF Day 10 and 11 of Injections Symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • Major Cramping
  • Enlarged Breasts
  • Tender Nipples
  • Bloated
  • Very Thirsty
Weight Gain: 

  • None

  • None


  • None

Work Out:

  • Light Lifting
  • Yoga (not all moves)
  • Walking

I am currently on Day 11 of IVF injections.  I had an ultrasound yesterday morning and I was told that I have measurable follicles but they are measuring spaced apart.  I will either trigger for the 2 largest follicles tonight or wait one more day for the other 4 to grow risking to lose the two.  I will know their decision this afternoon.   I have decided to be grateful for growing any than wish I was growing more!  So YAY!

Pictures from last night (I was tired!)
 The usual
 Mixing it up!
 What my trash always looks like
 Ready or not...
 Me and Mickey! 
O.K. Keeping it lite :)

Check Out My Interview

Amateur Nester is a Blog I have been following for a while. Please visit her site and check it out! ..and let me know what you think of my interview.
Check out her infertility journey here

IVF Update: Day 8 of Injections

I had my third ultra sound and blood work early this morning.  I now have 4 eggs!  Yay! For those of you just joining two days ago I only had 1 measuring at 16.  They are now measuring 17, 13, 13 and 12. Three on my left and one on my right.  Still not as many as I am sure we hoped but.. more than one so I hope now at lest one will make it to transfer.

I can't help but feel that things are moving slower than my last cycles.  I remember reacting a lot faster.  Maybe a good thing?

I also have my first private session at the gym with a trainer.  I am dying to get a butt, outer and back thigh workout that works well!  I will be sure to share what I learn here later.

Yoga With Adriene

Today I am going to Review online Yoga.  Specifically Yoga With Adriene.  You can find a couple videos below or go to www.yogawithadriene.com  You can also find her on YouTube

Many doctors will tell you NOT to attempt yoga during your IVF cycle.
I have been doing yoga long enough to understand my body while I twist and turn and understand where I am comfortable.  Once I transfer I will stop for a bit until I know if I should transition into prenatal yoga or not.  This is my personal choice I feel we all know our bodies and our limits.

I have been doing Yoga With Adriene for a few weeks now and love it.
If you are not in the middle of your cycle this is a must try.

  • She is down to earth
  • There is great sound on the videos
  • She has a great sense of direction
  • Great video quality
  • Great for beginners or intermediate 

There are many many Yoga videos on youtube.  Most all with poor quality or sound, strange voice tones and music.  These videos are easy to understand and actually learn about yoga terms which I love!  I have grown to even like her and don't want to revert back to the same old strange yoga videos ever again.

Let me know what you think!

Update: Day 6 of IVF Injections

So... I am feeling absolutely terrible today  ..as I should be!  :)
I am so bloated and crampy.  I had my second ultrasound and blood work this morning.  I have 1 egg growing faster than the others, as in none are measurable but this one egg.  2 Days ago it was measuring at 12 and I was hoping that others would catch up a little.  Today it is at 16 and still no followers.  From what I understand there is still a chance I could develop more in time for retrieval but still as of now I am not developing the number of eggs desired.  
I am making less! Funny since I am on double the dosage of meds.      

  • 1st round: 6 eggs 3 fertilized 2 made it 1 has good quality
  • I got pregnant! followed by 11 week lost heartbeat and DNC
  • 2nd round: 5 eggs 2 fertilized 2 transferred 1 great quality
  • Low beta slowly fades out
  • Take time off to mentally recover
  • Ready to go and insurance denies me
  • Diagnosed with hypothyroidism 
  • Now 3rd round and making 1 egg!  
I look forward to the call from the nurse today.  Although I am pretty sure they have to retrieve according to the largest egg so that it does not ovulate on its own I do want to confirm this.

Oh boy..  not what I was expecting.   This process sure is keeping me on my toes.

Update:  I spoke with the nurse and she told me not to worry about it (of course)
That I still have plenty of time and many follicles that can potentially catch up.  I will be going in Friday (2 days) for another ultrasound and we should know more then.  

IVF Pictures Round 3

Hi everyone!   I have thought long and hard if I would actually post pictures of myself while doing IVF and have gone back in forth.  In the end ..why not?  I remember the curiosity I had before starting and maybe it will help someone. 
I am choosing not to get into the type of meds or dose since really it varies from person to person how our bodies react. 

Round 3 Night 1 of injections

I took like 10 of these.  I think I was procrastinating...

My doctor doubled my medication this round so my dose is more than I am use to.  I remember the first night on my first round looking at all the meds on this very counter crying.  I feel proud to know how far Ive come :)

And there it is...
More to inject than usual for me but really wasn't bad at all

Only pic I got since camera was on timer

Tip:  If you have any refrigerated meds take them out a few hours prior to let them get to room temperature.  I have found when cold they sting a little and the injection spot will itch.  Room temperature and A-OK right after!  

Vacation Planning Around IVF

When planning our vacations this year it is hard not to consider where I will be with IVF, a pregnancy or maybe (gasp) a baby!  It is so hard to even consider changing or rearranging plans due to any of the above as nothing is certain.
So.. we are going to Hawaii this July!

  • Go Ahead Plan your Vacation
  • Don't worry about how far along you will be until you are actually pregnant
  • Traveling is fun!   Don't put your life on hold because of IVF
  • Yes you can bring Meds on an airplane.  I've done shots in a hotel room Easy Peesy! 
  • In the future your Doctor can work around any dates

Just last year I hoped to have an 8 month old when we took off.  I had visions of a baby playing in the sand, taking walks with a carriage and the challenge of a plane ride.  When that did not work out and I approached my 2nd round I dreamed of a 2/3 month old infant and strapping on a baby biorn.  Last I thought I would be approaching my 3rd trimester taking maternity pictures on the beach.  None of these have panned out.  Do I regret dreaming?  No way!   I love day dreaming of what could be and now with my next round scheduled I would be 21 weeks pregnant when we travel.  Things happen.  Plans change and sometimes things do not work out as I hope but in the end everything will be perfect.  To not go on vacation or change when we have decided to go based on something not certain is just silly.  I am so looking forward to Oahu and showing my step kids around this island I love so much!  Do I dream of having a little pregnant belly?  Yes!  Do I daydream of a family picture on the beach with that belly? ..yes!
My advise to anyone thinking of traveling while planning IVF is:
Plan on..
and continue dreaming!

IVF With A Cold

Hey guys.   So today is my first day of injections and I feel sick.   I have such  headache and soar throat.  I hope this won't effect my egg quality in any way.  I've searched the  internet and can't find much. Only that it is ok to take medicine and  to avoid Echinacea.

thebump.com has a great article I have linked to below with plenty of helpful information for anyone else in my situation
IVF Injections when you have a Cold

Our Lent Promises

Our Lent Promise Chalk Board Wall
Still a work in progress as you can see my husband still has not picked what he is giving up


My IVF Meds Have Arrived!

Today is my cycle day 1 and my meds have arrived.
I never get used to the feeling I get when I open the box.  Puke. 
Hmm.. the box seems bigger than last time?
Today is Wednesday and I will start injections on Friday. 

Scared and exited all at the same time.  I have such hope and feel as if this time it will absolutely work.  Then I remember feeling that way 2 times before and doubt creeps back in.

I have planned a ladies night dinner tonight!  I am happy to get out of the house and get my mind off of this until Friday!

 Opening the box

Now thats a lot of meds!

After staring at them for 20 minutes

Some belong in the refrigerator until use

repacking them 

and where I will keep them 

Decoding The IVF Lingo

List of IVF Lingo and Acronyms

Trying to decode forums and websites can be time consuming.  This list can be very helpful!  I still need to reflect back on it once in a while.  
  • 2ww or TWW: Two Week Wait
  • AF: Aunt Flo (aka your period)
  • AFM: As For Me
  • BFN: Big Fat Negative
  • BFP: Big Fat Positive
  • BMS: Baby Making Sex
  • BW or B/W: Blood Work
  • DE: Donor Egg
  • DP: Dear Partner
  • DH: Dear Husband
  • DW: Dear Wife
  • DPO: Days past ovulation
  • DS: Dear Son
  • DD: Dear Daughter
  • DR: Down Regulate
  • DPT: Days Past Transfer
  • EC: Egg Collection
  • ET: Embryo Transfer
  • FET: Frozen Embryo Transfer
  • IF: Infertility
  • MC: Miscarriage
  • MS: Morning Sickness
  • HPT: Home Pregnancy Test
  • OTD: Official Test Date
  • PUPO: Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise
  • PG: Pregnancy or Pregnant
  • POAS: Pee On A Stick
  • SA: Semen Analysis
  • TTC: Trying to Conceive
  • TX: Treatment

Acronyms For Hormone Levels: 
  • E2 - Estradiol/estrogen levels
  • FSH - Follicle Stimulating Hormone
  • LH - Luteinizing Hormone
  • P4 - Progesterone

Acronyms For Tests Used To Diagnose Infertility: 
  • HSG - Hysterosalpingogram
  • LAP - Laparoscopy
  • S/A - Sperm/semen analysis
  • SIS/SHG - Saline Infused Sonogram/Sonohysterogram

Infertility Acronyms: 

  • 3dt/5dt - the day after an embryo retrieval that your embryos are transferred back into your uterus. 3 day transfer; 5 day transfer.
  • ART - Assisted Reproductive Technology
  • blasts - blastocysts; embryos that have made it to an advanced stage of maturity. 
  • cryo - cryopreservation of embryos in an IVF cycle
  • Dx - your diagnosis
  • endo - Endometriosis
  • embies - embryos
  • ER - egg retrieval. Part of an IVF cycle.
  • ET - embryo transfer. Part of an IVF cycle.
  • FET - Frozen Embryo Transfer, for a typical IVF cycle an RE will only put back 1-2 embryos, anything else that has matured is frozen using cryopreservation. You can have a FET at a later date to use your remaining embryos.
  • follies - short for follicles, they reside in your ovaries and produce eggs each menstrual cycle
  • hCG - Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, this is the trigger shot that forces your body to ovulate when you are on meds.
  • HOM - High Order Multiples, i.e. pregnancies that result in 3 or more babies
  • HRT - Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • ICSI - Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, a procedure done with IVF
  • IF - infertility
  • IUI - Intra-uterine Insemination
  • IVF - In Vitro Fertilization
  • MFI - Male Factor Infertility
  • OHSS - Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome
  • PCOS (POS) - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • RE - Reproductive Endocrinologist, or a gynecologist that specializes in infertility
  • US or u/s - Ultrasound

IVF again.. What I Will MissThe Most

With my IVF round approaching fast it is time I give up all those things I love so much.  It is hard and I almost feel it is a little unfair.  Ok.. I sound like a whiney baby saying it that way!  But not knowing if this round will even work is always in the back of my head as I resist to take that Hot bath sipping on wine!  Ah...  
I was going to treat myself to one last night enjoying some wine but I know myself all too well.  I may as well not even and just commit as I have for the past week.  

What I will miss the most...

Baths:  I just love to take long hot baths.  Nothing relaxes me more after a long day.  If I feel at all stressed this certainly does the trick.  
Sushi:  My step daughter and I have a weekly sushi night.  This will be hard to explain to her as we are not sharing any news unless it is 12 weeks along and healthy.  She does not need to worry.  
Wine:  I love my red wine.  Nothing better than cooking in the kitchen while sipping on a glass.  Snuggling on the couch with a fire roaring watching a movie.  
Coffee aka Caffeine:  The only caffeine I drink is coffee and tea but I do drink it every day.  I still get confused with how much I am allowed to have a day.  1 cup of coffee?  2-3 cups of tea?  I have decided I will be just cutting it out all together. Maybe 1 cup of tea a day.  

In the end I want the outcome bad enough that I am willing to quite and commit to anything.  

Look what happens

I commit to NOT drinking and look what happens!  There is wine on my counter. No I did not have any although I did smell my husbands glass last night.  LOL I have issues.  I guess I have to get use to being around it without enjoying a glass here or there.  
If this round of IVF fails I guess I'll have something to look forward to....
Feels good to say no to something I want.

Celebrities that Do Not Drink Alcohol

Chasing a healthy lifestyle can be hard for many of us.  The ups and downs of yo yo dieting and failed attempts can be hard.  Concentrating on a lifestyle change is always a better choice.  How many times have we gone out with friends and enjoyed 1 too many drinks?  Maybe we only had one or two but did not consider the sugar and calorie intake of that Margarita or Mojito?

I have many reasons for not drinking these days.
-Trying to conceive a baby
-Getting over depression
-Watching my calories
-Keeping an eye on sugar intake
-I am more productive without it
-I have no guilt
-I feel better about myself
-Saves money!  $

Inspiration with Quitting Drinking Myself I have made a list of celebrities who have chosen an alcohol free life for themselves!  

Bradley Cooper
Jennifer Hudson
Blake Lively
Russel Brand
Christina Ricci
Matthew Perry
Kristin Davis
Jennifer Lopez
Ewan McGregor
Kim Cattrall
Collin Ferrel
Kelly Osbourne
Keith Urban
Jada Pinkett Smith
Gerard Butler
Tyra Banks
Tobey Mcguire
Rob Lowe
Eva Mendes
Kat Von D
Robert Downey Jr
Jack Osbourne
Tim McGraw
Ben Affleck
Kim Kardashian 
Kerry Washington
Jim Carey
George W Bush
Eric Clapton
Dane Cook
Tom Cruise
Alice Cooper
Eliza Dushku
Kathy Griffin
Ice T
Anthony Hopkins
Elton John
Samuel L Jackson
Bruce Lee
Marie Osmond
Al Pachino
Natalie Portman
Lana Del Ray
Sarah Silverman
Ringo Star
John Travolta
Donald Trump
Shania Twain
Malcom X
David Beckham
Leona Lewis
Ellie Goulding
Katie Perry
Naomi Campbell
50 Cent
Sharon Stone
Andre 3000    58 and counting....

Wow So many and I am sure there are many many more.   Inspiring
I will be sure to add as I discover them 
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