Yay my insurance got approved

I am so exited to announce that my insurance went through for my next round of IVF.   This means my hypothyroidism is under control!   I am more exited than I thought I would be.   Next week I will be injecting.  

Feeling VERY Fortunate to live in a state where IVF is covered by insurance.   


  1. That’s good to hear, Katie! With your insurance approved, you could now focus on getting yourself better, rather than worrying about the expenses needed for your IVF treatment. Very lucky, indeed. I hope you’ll get the best result from this treatment!

    Stacey Neal @ Romero Insurance & Financial Services

  2. I'm so glad your insurance got approved in a seemingly short notice. It was a tough journey for you and your battle with infertility, but now that you're 19 weeks pregnant, all that struggle must seem like a floating bubble. I'm happy that you've received nothing but good news in your pregnancy this month, Katie. Keep us posted for more updates. Wishing your family all the best! :)

    Steven Keltsch @ Allied Insurance Managers, Inc.


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