Are You Really Happy?

Happiness to many is measured by success, money, career choice, the car you drive,  the school your child goes to, the clothes you wear....  Bragging rights to your next vacation or maybe a pictures of yourself on Facebook portraying smiling facing somewhere really fun looking.

To understand true happiness 
you have to be able to see deep within yourself.

I am one of those lucky people who have been fortunate enough to hit rock bottom.  Sounds like a joke right!  It is true.  A person will appreciate the highs easier that have hit a real low.  Some people have a near death experience, suicidal thoughts, bankruptcy, pure desperation, heartbreak or like me a huge loss.  It is in these times that teach us who we really are and what we are made of, what truly matters and what we offer ourselves, our loved ones and the world.  What we truly want in life and want to offer the world.

How "happy" are you moment to moment and what is impacting your happiness?

Did your neighbor get a new car?  Receive a bigger diamond? Go on an expensive vacation?  Get another babysitter?  Did you get jealous, or judge their "happiness"?  Do you look at another persons fit body and think "well they do nothing but workout"  "she doesn't enjoy life"  Is your happiness always being justified or compared to others around you?
For many people happiness is in direct correlation to making others feel envious! For others it is in comparing your choices verse another persons.   Facebook has come in handy to many people sporting the best versions of themselves only with pictures of cookie cutter homemaking and kids who seem so loving, a night out with a beautiful girl captured in a picture.  

                                                          Ask yourself these simple questions
If I was to pass away this moment could I say I have no regrets?

Did I show unconditional love to my family and friends?

Did I love to the fullest?  In the moment was I present?

Did I touch anyones life?  Make a difference? 

Did I change anyones life for the better?

Was my company desired by others?

Did I breath in the little moments with a loved one, spouse, child?

Did I tell them I love them that I appreciate them.  That they are wonderful!  

Listen to there wants, their dreams and fears?

Did I complain a lot?  Was I envious of others? Materialistic? 

Did I respect my spouse and myself?  Did I offer forgiveness?  Was I selfish more than not?

The list goes on.
The truth about happiness in within us all.  We all know inside what happiness really is.  It is in us all waiting to explode out.  We all have the life we want or the capability to easily change what it is into something greater.  Instead of looking over the fence be grateful for what is within your own yard!  Nurture it, spend time growing and caring for it.  Don't worry about anyone else's. It is true that the grass is greener where you water it.  Spend less time looking at everyone else's life and what you don't have and more time on what you do have and you are on your way!

Live in the moment.
Inspire yourself to be an example to kindness!
You already are the person you want to be!

Take that weekend away with your mother/child.
Go for a long walk alone!
Surprise your loved one with flowers.
Take a picnic.
Go for a drive with no destination.
Leave your phone at home.
Spend more time in the garden.

Opportunities are endless.
Say a sincere thank you to the cashier. Smile at a stranger or open the door for an elder.   Be the person you dreamed you would be today!


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