5 Tips for Conceiving Successfully

Now that I am close to TTC again, I have been searching the internet for tips on how to conceive a baby.  I guess I have some time on my hands waiting for my next round of IVF.  No lie..  will try pretty much anything!

These are the 5 most important things to concentrate on for a successful healthy conception  

Meditation / Relaxation:  Nothing is more harmful to your body, mind and soul than stress.  Stress can manifest and hide in deep dark places.  You don't have to turn into a guru or even sit in complete silence if you don't want to.  It's up to you!  I personally like youtube and affirmations.   I can get lost for an hour and at the end I feel so fresh and relax.

Positivity:  Having a good attitude can go a long way.  No one needs to tell you that though right!  Living with a good attitude is a better way of being.  When you let negativity in it seems to take over.  If you think "I'll never be able to conceive "  you probably won't.  Chin up lady!  Anything is possible!

Diet:  The right nutrients are necessary for a healthy body.  Folic Acid with a well balanced diet cutting out fast, fried and man made foods.  I won't get to deep here as this could be a novel.

Drink Plenty of Water:  This sounds obvious but is very important.  Water keeps our bodies running smoothly.  It flushes out the bad toxins and carries nutrients to all ends of our bodies.  Water is even known to be a mood and hormone stabilizer!  So... Drink up!

Get a Good Nights Rest:  Get your Z's ladies because it is impotent for your body to get an adequate amount of sleep each night!  Rest up.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    I love the list you have above. I definitely think all of those things will definitely help get you closer.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! All the best for your IVF. Its good that you are doing meditation since it helps with the stress of it all. Your tips above are great - I really need to do the water thing :-(

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Good luck with your IVF, fingers crossed this is it for you!


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