5 Foods to Stimulate Hair Growth

Hey Guys!  Ever wonder what foods you can eat to help hair growth and prevent hair loss. As some of you know I have suffered from great hair loss and damage recently. Hair Loss and Damage due to Hypothyroidism.  I have created a list of 5 foods for to help anyone looking for healthy hair.  I hope this helps

1. Mango:  Rich in vitamin E improves circulation to Scalp

2. Honeydew Melons:  Rich in Folic Acid.  Folic acid is needed to prevent hair loss.  It is vital for hair growth to consume folic acid.

3. Collard Greens:  Rich in vitamin C, Fiber, Iron, Copper and Calcium this green will give your body a boost to help hair growth

4. Broccoli:  Contains more vitamin C than an Orange.  Rich in vitamin A and C.  Aids in circulation to the scalp.

5. Asparagus:  Rich in vitamin C, A , E Iron, Fiber, Protein and Folic Acid this Veggie is a source of Silicon for healthy hair.

Another tip:  Take a multi vitamin everyday!  Make sure there is folic acid in it!


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