Things I Will Avoid During IVF

Going through IVF can be a scary time.  So much to think and worry about.  It is hard to just relax and enjoy the moment when we have an every other day if not daily reminder of what we are trying to conceive!  One thing I have had is a hard time locating information on what to avoid during the IVF process.   Now most of these I realize will be the same for any woman trying to conceive.  Just remember that what we put our bodies through with IVF adds a little extra care and concern. ...Right!   I have searched book stores, talked to friends and sifted through internet forums to compile this list of things I have chosen to Avoid during this, my 3rd round of IVF.   I will admit this does not mean I will not have the occasional cup of coffee, chocolate or fish.  Avoiding is the key and being extra careful!  This list may seem Big and overwhelming but I hope this is Helpful for someone out there!

Things I Will Avoid During IVF In Vitro 

Food and Drink
-Deli Meat: Risk of Listeria Bacteria may lead to Miscarriage or Still Birth
-Alcohol: Related to Birth Defects
-Caffeine Including Soda, Chocolate  and Coffee: Increases Risk of Miscarriage and it Effects Iron Absorption Leading To Birth Defects or Anemia in the Mother
-Under-Cooked or Raw Eggs: Risk of Listeria Bacteria may lead to Miscarriage or Still Birth examples: cookie dough, cake batter, eggnog and mayo to name a few.
-Raw or Undercooked Meat and Fish: So No Sushi
-Fish that contain Mercury: Mackerel, Ahi, Tuna and Sordfish to name a few
-Raw Shellfish: Risk of Listeria Bacteria may lead to Miscarriage or Still Birth
-Soft Cheeses: Risk of Listeria Bacteria may lead to Miscarriage or Still Birth examples: Brie, Blue Cheese, Goat Cheese, and Feta.
-Un Pasteurized Cheese or Dairy: Risk of Listeria Bacteria may lead to Miscarriage or Still Birth
-Artificial Sweeteners
-Food older than 12 hours
-Grapefruit: Some forums have girls talking about the rumor of grapefruit interfering with medications.

-Avoid Extreme Heat Saunas, Hot Tubs, Steam Rooms - If the womb gets overheated there is no way for the fetus to be cooled down.
-No Hot Baths
-Ibuprofen, Motrin and every other Pain Medication except for Tylenol
-Do Not Take Any Medications Without Talking To A  Professional!
Including Allergy and Cold Medications
-Heavy Lifting -. Some Professionals Say 4 Pounds or Over Others Say 10 Pounds or Over
-Avoid Negativity and Stress
-Avoid Extreme Sports that pose a risk of injury - Horseback Riding, Skiing, Kayaking etc..
-No Scuba Diving - according to the March of Dimes it causes bubbles in the fetuses circulatory
-Garden with Rubber Gloves - Animal Feces get absorbed through the skin and cause birth defects and ectopic pregnancy
-Cat Liter - Toxoplasmosis is in the Feces that case Birth Defects
-Turtles, Lizards and Snakes - Can Have Salmonella Poisoning
-X-Rays - Make sure the technician knows you are Pregnant Not Recommended
-High Altitude - not including a pressurized Airplane Cabin but Sky Diving, Mountain Climbing, Hand Gliding All pose a risk of Miscarriage
-Roller Coasters, Ferris Wheels,  Gravitation Rides - Cause Jarring which is dangerous for the Fetus Leads to Miscarriage
-Exposure to Paint Fumes
-Exposure to Pesticides or Cleaning Products
-Some Hair Dyes (Consult a Professional)
-Contaminated Tap Water

-Do Drink Tons of Water!
-Cut back on Sweets and Refined Carbs
-Eat Extra Fruits, Veggies and Lean Protein

Do you know of any food or Tips of things to avoid during and prior to Pregnancy?
Please leave your tips in the comment box below!

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