Kitchen Chalk Wall

I finally bit the bullet and painted a chalk and magnet wall in my kitchen.  I just love it!
I have been using it for many of my post so I thought I would share with you
my before and after pictures

The Wall 
We have this awkward wall in our kitchen.
I have had the hardest time figuring out what to do with it

I also painted a magnet wall on right (black paint)

The magnet paint was very hard to work with.  It was in a clump at the bottom of the can.
It will take time, patience and a strong arm to mix this hardened mess.
It goes on thick and dries fast!  about 30 minutes
Kate's Tip:  Ask the store (assuming you buy it at a paint supply store) if they will open and mix it for you.

Chalk Wall

Supplies Needed

-Chalk Paint (I spent $10 at Home Depot)
-1 Good Paint brush
-Roller 3/8th thick and Pan
-Old Sheet or Painters Paper
-Rubber Gloves
-Painters Tape

Same Materials for magnet wall just use a smooth roller instead.


-Remove socket and light switch covers
-Use Painters tape and tape around all edges
-I like to "cut in" around the edges first
-Roll on 2 coats of paint letting the first coat dry for an hour in-between
-Let dry for 1 hour
-Remove Tape and touch up
-Again let dry for 24 hours
-Replace Switch plates
-Condition Wall by rubbing chalk all over
-Take a barely damp sponge or cloth and wipe Dry

Like what you see?  Pay it forward 


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