I have been posting my journey as I've gone starting Jan. 2014 and with life posts in-between I have decided to make it easy for those of you that want to just follow my infertility journey.

(please see links within this timeline)


October 2012: Our first Round of IVF
5 follicles were retrieved and 2 made it to transfer a 5 cell and 7 cell
Surprise!!!  We got pregnant! 
It was not meant to be there was no heartbeat at 12 weeks 
I had to have a DNC and have it removed.  

June 2013: IVF Round 2
I made about the same amount of follicles 5/6
2 made it to transfer 6 cell and 4 cell
I had a chemical pregnancy which tok some time for the #s to come down

November 2013: I am ready to start round 3
When I went in for my Day 1 Blood work a surprise came back...
My thyroid level was off ...way off!  
That week I saw an endocrinologist, got diagnosed with hypothyroidism and was put on 1. mg of levothyroxine

Feb 2014: Thyroid Levels came back to normal

Feb/March 2014: Round 3 of IVF
6 follicles were retrieved and 2 made it to transfer 3 days later
one was a slightly fractured 8 cell and a 6 cell
I transferred both 2 eggs on my moms birthday!  I was so optimistic!  
But Neither took :(  BFN (Big Fat Negative)

June 2014: 4th Round of IVF 
My doctor wanted to try a new protocol called Micro-flare
With acupuncture I made a whopping 12 follicles!
Sadly 1 embryo was formed but did make it to a day 3 transfer - although poor quality   
BFN (Big Fat Negative)

October 2014:  My husband and I have been doing acupuncture in hopes that it will help both myself  with stress etc.. and possibly give us a round with fresh sperm.  Honestly.. it's a long shot and we have been told so but my hopes are high and spirits are up.  


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