Food for IVF Success

Food Tips and Tricks to help boost your chances of success with your IVF adventure.

IVF can be a long crazy ride for most of us.  For some, you may be fortunate enough to do 1 cycle and never look back.  Which ever you are, we all want to be as healthy as we can be for what our bodies are about to embark on, or have possibly been going through.  First, I want to make clear that I am not a doctor.  With any major diet or lifestyle change you should consult a doctor.  I am an average woman 35 years old going through IVF.  Like any average woman in my situation I have searched the internet, book stores and beyond for information tips, secrets and tricks to success!  This is a list of foods I will be focusing my diet around as I am embarking on my 3rd round of In Vitro.  

My Round 1 Eggs Grade 8 and 6

Start 3 Months Prior (at least) 
Drink and Eat Whole Milks, Spinach and Pomegranates
If you are already past this point don't worry!  It's never too late to start.  

Spinach:  Iron rich will help you build your uterine lining
Pomegranates: Will Help thicken uterus lining
Organic Whole Milk: Will Help Create Juicy Eggs
Good Tip: Aim for 1,000 a day 305 mg = 1 glass of whole milk always organic!
Good Tip: Fatty Ice Cream will do the same trick.  Enjoy!

Transfer Day

Start Eating Pineapple and Walnuts 5 Days in a row starting transfer day

Pineapple: The core of the Pineapple that is usually discarded has been proven to help in implantation See link here  What it does? The bromeliad found in pineapple but very high in the core has been proven to be a natural anti inflammatory.  This allows to cervix to get nice and sticky for the egg to "stick" and burrow.
Walnuts: Rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids, which increase the levels of prostaglandins.  Studies show prostaglandins are needed for successful implantation.  You could also take fish oil supplement

Your Over All Grocery List:

PEAS: I have found information that PEAS actually boost your chances of conceiving they also have Folic Acid 
Omega 3 Supplement: 600mg a day have been shown to improve embryo morphology 
Broccoli: contain folic acid,  essential for fetal development
Strawberries: important vitamin C antioxidant that supports ovulation  
Oatmeal: helps make juicy eggs, Essential for fetal development,
Brazil Nuts: essential for fetal development, shown to improve embryo morphology, helps make juicy eggs 
Dried figs:
Salmon:  Essential for fetal development, shown to improve embryo morphology 
Tomatoes: important vitamin C antioxidant that supports ovulation  
Blueberries:  important vitamin C antioxidant that supports ovulation
Spinach helps make juicy eggs, essential for fetal development, shown to improve embryo morphology
Fresh Orange Juice:  important vitamin C antioxidant that supports ovulation
Anchovies:  Essential for fetal development, helps make juicy eggs
Smoked Trout: helps make juicy eggs
Wheat Germ: Essential for fetal development, helps make juicy eggs
Low-Fat Yogurt:
Wholemeal Bread: Essential for fetal development, helps make juicy eggs
Brown Rice: helps make juicy eggs, Essential for fetal development
Kale: shown to improve embryo morphology, helps make juicy eggs, essential for fetal development,
Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds:
Sweet Potatoes:
Eggs: Essential for fetal developement, helps make juicy eggs
Green Tea: (in moderation)
Grapefruit Juice: (only before injections not during) important vitamin C antioxidant that supports ovulation see what not to eat 
Pineapple: see above
Walnuts: see above
Pomegranates: see above

All of these foods have been proven over time to help with Conception and Fertility 
Good Tip: Remember, Always choose locally grown if available and organic! 

More Tips:
Drink Lots of Water - Especially During Meds, Retrieval and Transfer.
Get Into a Good Sleeping Pattern - Aim for 8 Hours a Night in Natural Darkness be in bed by 10:30pm to increase your natural melatonin
Last you could try acupuncture: 
I have not done much research on acupuncture but can not leave this out as I have heard of so many success stories from woman who have tried it. (including my sister - twins!)
I personally feel that the stress I would go through over the needles would forgo the benefits.

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