Vivian Blanche Updates

It's been a long time since I have checked in.  What a world wind it has been!
I am not sure who may be interested in seeing pics or who is still around in the blog world?
I'll try and write a post soon :)

 First night in her big girl bed! 

 First snow!

 Queen Vivian


We LOVE selfies!  

Passed out behind the wheel! 
Best friends

Vivian Blanch 3 Months Old

The Happiest and Merriest Christmas! 
Today baby Vivian is 3 months 5 Days old. She has changed so much these past couple weeks.  I am happy to report she sleeps thru the night! My new fitbit tells me that although I am in bed sleeping for 7 1/2 hours, I get about 7 hours of sleep.  Find me on Fitbit --> HERE   
That is amazing!  No complaints. She doesn't wake anymore for middle of the night feedings.

"Santa... I know him!"
Enjoying some quiet time alone with her in front of the tree! 


Vivian has already changed so much! 
I love that grumpy little face! 

My Fitness Progress 12 Weeks Postpartum

Today baby Vivian is 12 weeks old. I can hardly believe it! 

I am so exited to report that I have lost 14 pounds exactly! It was not easy at times, turning down that glass of wine or slice of pizza, but seeing my before and after pics I am ecstatic. Living in my own skin I guess I didn't realize how good I was doing. I still focus on what I want to work on instead of how far I have come in such a short time.  

What I am doing:
  • Drinking Tons of water
  • Consuming my body weight in protein each and every day
  • Low Sugar consumption - only natural
  • Drinking my coffee black
  • Working out 3-5 times a week at NSPT see here - adult classes
  • Walking when I can
  • Always eat breakfast within the hour
  • Always wear my Fitbit 24 hours ...really! 
My current favorite snacks

  • 0% Greek yogurt with 1 scoop of Optimum Nutrition Performance Whey in Chocolate (no I am not getting paid to name brand) and a little water.  I call it pudding!  
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Kind Bars in a jam
  • mixed nuts
  • Guacamole

Miss Viv joining me yesterday at class

My 2 Month Postpartum Body

Not the post I imagined I would write 
and most certainly not as proud as I am right now! 

Going into pregnancy I dreamed of getting my body back months after delivery. Never did I think I would be as happy as I am now with my progress! Those who have been reading along with my blog know that I had a difficult pregnancy. I was on a moderated bed rest most of the pregnancy and developed a painful hernia half way through that caused me major pain through the end. 
Starting out this pregnancy I was heavier than usual from the 5 rounds of IVF.  The drugs, hormones and emotional eating left me 5 pounds heavier each round.  I struggled to get it all off.

I knew I was not going to be able to do this myself!  Even with a gym membership I needed something more to hold me accountable. I thought about Shakeology seeing girls I know on Facebook shedding unwanted weight looking great. Their posts seems so motivating!  I had tried the shakes before and knew I liked the taste. I would get a coach and extra nutrients in the shake that other shakes didn't offer. Well after reaching out to two separate coaches I knew personally, neither of them reached out to me on their own after my initial inquiry. I guess i was expecting some encouragement of some sort. Disappointed I did research on my own on how I could get the same nutrition for less money.  Easily I found that with a daily vitamin, probiotic and healthy food choices I would save hundreds of dollars a year!  
I decided on Optimum Nutrition Performance Whey in Chocolate. It has a great taste and is rated very high in quality and nutrition. See: 

My body Post Baby

My Workouts:

I joined an athlete performance training company and I workout with the adult group. NSPT North Shore Performance Training. I knew that no average gym would help me, as I said before I needed to be held accountable. I needed to be pushed by someone. This was and is a perfect fit for me. Each class is an hour long. There are 3 classes a day to pick from and one on  Saturday - None on Sunday. 

 "Train like the pros and achieve personal fitness goals at North Shore Performance Training, the premier performance training gym in the area.  ...NSPT offers complete functional training workouts and strength and conditioning programs. Better your mobility, speed and quickness, strength and/or power systems, shoulder function and overall core strength with each workout."

I was sold! 

Right when I decided to join at 6 weeks postpartum, I had the opportunity to join a challenge NSPT was hosting. THE BIGGEST WINNER! Yes a take from The Biggest Loser. I would get 6 weeks with a great Nutritionist Jules Hindman See her site HERE
Well, I am currently on week 3 and have lost 8 pounds!  I am just 2 pounds shy of my pre pregnant weight!  Granted I was heavier than I like when I got pregnant but I feel great!  I feel strong and proud :)

Surprisingly people in my life, with the exception of my husband and my mother, are not as happy for me as I am. This has not been a topic in which my friends or family enjoy talking about.  Especially stretch marks - see here. It feels to me that people think that I am bragging or throwing something in their face.  NOT THE CASE AT ALL!  My initial excitement and want for sharing is at an end.  I hope people reading this do not feel anything negative. 

My Body Postpartum

Things I am currently doing

  1. Fitbit: I wear my fitbit 24 - 7
  2. MYFITNESSPAL App: it is connected to my fitbit that I am absolutely obsessed with! I track everything I eat.  EVERYTHING! 
  3. Water: I drink a ton of water, more water than I though was humanly possible. 8-10 glasses a day minimal.  I shoot for 96 Ounces or more.
  4. Sugar: Minimal sugar and refined Carbs 
  5. Breakfast: I eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking. Normally hard boiled eggs or steel cut oatmeal.
  6. Nothing in my coffee: This was hard at first but I now don't mind.
  7. Protein Powder: Each day I typically have a protein shake. If not I will put 1/2 a scoop in my morning oatmeal
  8. Snacks I like: Greek Yogurt, kind bars, almonds and hard boiled eggs. 
  9. Staying away from: Cereal, breads, drinks other than water and pasta. 
  10. I avoid eating out: Hard to track calories and lets face it, eating out is on average 1200 calories per meal (at dinner) 
I will check back when my challenge is over and let you all know how it goes!

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