Aruba August 2016

In August 2016 we were so lucky to spend 2 full weeks in Aruba.  Our trip was split up between my in-laws home at Tierra Del Sol (which many homes are rentable) and the Marriott Surf Club. We traveled with a family of 6. My husband and I, his twin 16 year olds, 13 year old and our 10 month old daughter.

First I must say we are exceptionally lucky to have such an amazing 10 month old daughter.  She is so relaxed and laid back.  The flight there was a breeze.  We over prepared! Snacks, toys, books, IPad full of Mickey Mouse and Earphones.  We were worries about her ears so gave her tylonal 20 mins prior to boarding.  SHe was honestly an angel!  We go lucky!

Baby Tip: Car Seats are not a law in Aruba. We opted to bring one anyway.
Once landed we had to take a van to our car rental.  Being a family of 6 we had to rent a van. $600ish for the full 2 weeks. We booked last min.  We used Jay's Car rental.  I am not going to rave about the van nor complain.  It was a standard. It got us around. 

Our first 2 nights were at Tierra Del Sol.  It took us about this long to get out of work mode!  We did visit on our second night a fabulous hidden restaurant Near Palm Beach called Bavaria See link here.  German food.  So good!  We swore we would go back and talked about it all vacation! Surprised we didn't.
Our munchkin watching Mickey Mouse at Bovaria

Checking into to Marriott was a breeze.  We have a 2 bedroom ocean view timeshare. Upon arrival we quickly realized we did not have ocean view. After 1 night we were able to switch. No problem. Pictures online of rooms are accurate. We went grocery shopping even tho we heard you can have them delivered.  Nice to have a full kitchen.
Upon checking you are given chair tags.  This allows you at 7am on to walk down and save chairs. Earlier than 7am and the staff will remove them.  This was great.  We saved our chairs every morning allowing us to take our time and eat breakfast. 

Cigars sold nightly

view from room

tip: you need your own floaty. To save money bring one.  They do sell them for an inflated price. There is also an air station.
Lazy river was a BIG hit. There is also Bingo at 1pm every day.  Teens didn't care until they realized they could win a jackpot of $1,000!  Yup it quickly became a fun daily family event.

BABY TIP: bring a pack and play. I never had to worry about nap time! We brought it to the beach and to the pool.  The pool decks are huge and there is plenty of room.  Our pack and Play had a canopy.

Salt and Peppers to eat.

Beach cabana rental $15 a day. Worth it and rent ahead of time.

Water is so warm.  Watch out guys.  Fish bite your nipples!  Truth!

People complain about hotel pack and play. We didn't mind!

Back at Tierra Del Sole

And a few from Eagle Beach.  Pictures at beautiful Eagle beach are a must! 

Can't wait to come back!

Vivian Blanche Updates

It's been a long time since I have checked in.  What a world wind it has been!
I am not sure who may be interested in seeing pics or who is still around in the blog world?
I'll try and write a post soon :)

 First night in her big girl bed! 

 First snow!

 Queen Vivian


We LOVE selfies!  

Passed out behind the wheel! 
Best friends

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