3 Day Refresh To Jump Start My Diet!

I am taking the plunge and doing the 3 day refresh!


My 3 Day Refresh has arrived! I plan on starting tomorrow. 

After the delay in my last round of IVF I have decided to focus on me.  All of me!  My girlfriend is a Beachbody Coach and I am exited to join her team of coaches in the strive to help others. I plan on posting between now and January. This is when we meet again with the Dr. to go over Round 5. I hope everyone following my blog understands the side track. It is great to have something good and healthy to focus on these next weeks instead of wine and food! Maybe some of you will join me! Either way this is great inspiration for a better you.

About 3 Day Refresh:
In just 3 short days, I will get my health, energy, and vitality back on track—all without starving. I hope to conquer my cravings. Get a flatter belly. Feel lighter and more energized ...and my clothes to fit better. 

I can't wait to let you know how it goes!!!  I promise to give an honest review.  

The Complete Kit comes with 3 packets of Shakeology®—your choice of 6 flavors ( I chose Chocolate and Vanilla), 6 packets of Vanilla Fresh (high-protein shake), 3 packets of Fiber Sweep (digestive health drink), and 1 Program Guide.

The 3-Day Refresh Complete Kit includes:
SHAKEOLOGY for breakfast – Packed with potent superfoods, Shakeology starts each day of your Refresh with Your Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition® to help improve and support all your body's vital functions, while also helping to maximize energy and maintain healthy blood sugar levels (available in your choice of 6 flavors, including vegan options—recommended).*
VANILLA FRESH shakes for lunch and dinner – This patent-pending, delicious, and protein-rich formula helps curb your hunger with more than 20 grams of wholesome plant-based protein, 22 essential vitamins and minerals, probiotics for digestive health, and a patented potato protein extract clinically tested to satisfy your appetite.*
FIBER SWEEP drink – Gently and naturally eliminates waste from your digestive system with its patent-pending blend of whole ground flax, chia, and psyllium seed husks.* As part of a healthy diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, Fiber Sweep can help lower cholesterol, support healthy blood sugar levels, and may even reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.*
PROGRAM GUIDE – This comprehensive guide walks you through how this program works, what to expect, and how to prepare your shopping list, as well as your body, for the 3-Day Refresh. It also contains a menu planner with numerous easy-to-make, nutritious, and delicious meals, a list of fruit and veggie options, guilt-free flavorings, and recipes for fresh-pressed juices.
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
We're so sure that you'll see the benefits of the 3-Day Refresh for weeks to come that we're backing the program with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Do the Refresh and if you're not still feeling lighter, leaner, and cleaner 30 days from now, return it for a full refund of the purchase price (less s&h).


A peek inside my fridge and cubbards

So I have decided to take on a challenge.  A healthily eating, living and happiness challenge!

My inspiration:  the bikini pictures of me in Hawaii over the summer. Yuk! Ok so I'm getting older and I survived 4 rounds of IVF. Each round I put on about 5 pounds.Yikes. Now that I have a longer break than expected I am determined to not only avoid gaining weight over the holidays, but to lose weight, firm up all the while keeping a healthy peace of mind.

My deadline:  I have until mid January but plan on making this change for good. It is never to late to become the person you have always wanted to be!

My typical planned meal options.
Breakfast: Greek yogurt, fruit smoothie, oatmeal, almond milk, eggs

Lunch: salad with chicken, fish, brown rice, yams, spinach,

Snack: hummus, guacamole, veggies

Dinner: currently same as lunch.

What needs to go!

Now I have 3 teenage kids coming and going in my house. It has proven itself to be difficult to keep a fully healthy home. The key will be cutting out my weaknesses.

Salt and vinegar chips
Ginger ale
Fried foods
Soy sauce
Ice cream
Chocolate (at times)
Sour candy (at times)


Work From Home

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email me: divirgiliok@gmail.com

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Shakeology site: Shakeology

Take the 30 Day Shakeology Challenge  The Healthiest Meal of the day!  Sold in Vegan as well.

Shakeology will fill you up and take care of your cravings all in one serving a day.  Watch your energy levels change as your waist size drops!
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How quickly everything can change.. IVF Update

One minute I am unpacking my meds preparing for my first injection, the next thing I know I am rescheduling and planning on seeing my doctor in January... 2 months from now.  You would think that I would be disappointed but couldn't be further from.  My husband has decided to get sperm retrieval surgery again! This time to be synced up to my retrieval!!  I could not be happier.  I had not pressured him knowing how terrible his recovery was the first time around and the fact he actually said "I will not do that surgery again"...   I cried all day once he told me.  I have never been so surprised.  It feels wonderful to know he wants this as bad as I do that he will do anything.. even go through that again.

This past week my husband had a sperm analysis.  It came back Zero (actually 2).  We have come to find out that he has not been off his testosterone long enough.  2 months as of now.  It takes 3 months for a sperm to develop once off testostrone so he shouldn't have been tested until December end earliest.   Although he has agreed to do the surgery our Dr. thinks it is best we wait the 3 months months.  

The Plan:

  • To both continue acupuncture 
  • Early January DH to get Sperm Analysis
  • 3 days later meet with Dr. to discuss next step  
  • Stay off the pill until meeting with Dr. early Jan
Hurry up and wait!  

My Husband went from ZERO sperm to WHAT with acupuncture?

Warning:  This post is about infertility and contains mature subject matter.

Today was a BIG day.  My husband went in for a Sperm analysis.

About 2 1/2 years ago he had gone through the whole process of the Sperm Analysis finding out that he had no sperm at all.  The Dr.'s decided that surgery would be our best option.  This was not much of an option and I give my husband huge props as it was VERY invasive unlike what he was told. He had an extremely long and uncomfortable recovery (6 months later he still did not feel right). We did get 5 viles of sperm of which we have used 4 of to date.  This round, it has been brought to our attention that the sperm in the 4th vile did not "twitch" to show they were waking up.  It is unknown which ones where still alive to allow the Dr.'s know which ones to pick. Knowing we have limited rounds left we decided to take a western medicine approach.  O.K. I decided lol! but my husband is on board.  My acupuncturist was just sure that she could get his sperm count up to a usable range.  I felt it was worth a try.  She put him on herbs as seen in my post here.   They quickly started working and my poor husband had to fight through some discomfort.  2 months later he is not only doing great but feeling better than ever.  I give him props for taking 3 pills twice a day for 2 months.  He was not as good at getting to acupuncture but was able to get there about every other week.

I just got the call, after doing everything they do to the seaman. 2 viable sperm where there.  (I can only imaging spinning and shaking in my imagination) Now this is actually considered zero sperm. To give you an idea, the average sperm count is 30-40 million sperm per milliliter.  Some men have up to 120 million sperm per milliliter. My husband had 2, not two million, just 2.  

Now because we are doing ICSI, I do believe that we are able to possible use this fresh sperm, even if it is just a couple.

To confirm that this will be an option I have called my Dr. to converse.  He confirmed that without doing surgery or using a donor sperm that he would like my husband to give a sample.  "You never know" he said. Now I do believe he is slightly pleasing me but heck I'll take it.  Chances are pretty sure that we will have to use our last frozen vile as well as expected.  They will try to only use what they can.

Overall did it work?  Technically no. Will we get a baby from it? Time will tell.  In the end I will take this all as a good thing.  Did not get the best possible results but good all the same.

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